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vmc scuola lugano integrata con lampada

100 HRV in a school in Lugano to ensure pure air and well-being

100 Flow800 HRV system to ensure healthy air, comfort, and energy savings in a new school in Lugano: discover the Case Study.

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hrv wall recessed helty in girona spain

Invisible HRV for An eco-sustainable villa in the Pyrenees

Health, efficiency, and design with Helty's invisible HRV in an eco-sustainable villa in Girona, Spain

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Fontaniva School HRV with Helty FlowM800

A school in Padua

Find out how you can breathe healthier air and encourage in-person teaching with FlowM800.

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A loft in Milan

Discover how Helty Flow M150 was included in the renovation of a loft-style basement used as a home-atelier.

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