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Continuous dual flow decentralised HRV with enthalpy heat recovery, high-performance air filtration and hygrometric sensor for humidity control.

VMC Helty FlowPlus
VMC Helty FlowPlus
Helty FlowPLUS_ELITE_tecnico
VMC Helty FlowPlus
Helty FlowPLUS_ELITE_tecnico

Quiet and automatic thanks to the humidity sensor

With a clean, attractive design, this app controlled solution is the perfect smart and efficient wall-mounted mechanical ventilation system with “room to room” air change management based on the actual needs of the rooms. Practically silent, the special night function means the system is imperceptible during rest hours.

Muffe Prevents problem condensation and mould
Ventilazione - Portata aria Automatic air change management based on humidity values
Silenziosa Super quiet: 18dB Sound Pressure Level
Recupero calore Certified heat recovery up to 91%

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In the winter months I found myself with 80% humidity in the bedroom. After extensive research, I bought a Helty HRV: it really was a gift from the gods! The humidity problem is now under control, and the best thing is that in the morning you breathe clean, fresh air, and at 21 degrees without fail.

Domenico C. - customer

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The dual flow wall-mounted HRV keeps moisture under constant control and automatically adjusts ventilation to guarantee comfort without wasting energy.

Humidity and condensation under control

With FlowPLUS the air in the house is always fresh, pleasant and purified. Equipped with a hygrometric sensor as standard, this HRV measures the level of humidity in the air and automatically adjusts operation as appropriate.Ideal climatic conditions are maintained within the environments, avoiding the formation of condensation and mould.‎ In addition, the integrated enthalpy heat exchanger, tested at TÜV SÜD pursuant to the EN 13141-8 standard, means the system can recover up to 91% of the heat from extracted air and transfer that heat to the incoming air before delivery indoors.‎

VMC Umiditè _condensa_sotto_controllo.
Comfort e risparmio energetico con la VMC Flow Plus

Comfort and savings, even in summer

The indoor temperature remains unchanged which avoids the waste and thermal loss associated with open windows, meaning savings on your energy bill
The electronic free cooling function (activated by the user) means the FlowPLUS ventilation system also provides a zero-cost contribution to indoor air conditioning when outdoor temperature conditions are more comfortable.For example, on summer evenings when the outdoor air is cooler and more pleasant than the indoor air, the HRV can be used to deliver naturally fresh and purified air into indoor spaces, for natural air conditioning at no cost.

Easy to install, easy to use

Wall-mounted in less than an hour, FlowPLUS can be installed easily and quickly into any residential environment, especially when buildings are occupied or for light retrofits. ‎
In addition to the function panel and infrared remote control, the ventilation system can also be managed via smartphone or tablet through the convenient Air Guard app. The application, developed by Helty, connects each unit to the Wi-Fi network allowing you to regulate HRV operation and monitor the temperature and relative humidity values in the individual rooms.‎ The only user maintenance is the straightforward replacement of the spent filter when indicated by the unit.

VMC Helty Flow Plus semplice da usare

Technical data

Airflow m3/h 10/17/26/37/42 (1)
Airflow adjustment   4 settings + high-speed ventilation
Power consumption (2) W 3.6 - 20.0
Supply voltage V AC 230
Operating voltage V DC 24
Max. current consumption (3) A 0.17
HRV unit weight kg 3
Unit dimensions (H x L x P) mm 695 x 353 x 152
Heat exchanger   enthalpy cross-counter flow
Heat recovery efficiency % 91
Sound pressure level (4) dB(A) 18.0/23.4/30.5/39.2
Facade noise abatement Dn,e,w dB 45
Energy class   A+ / A / E
SEC kWh/m2a -74.1 / -37.9 / -14.6
Filter replacement alert   indicator on unit + App
1. In high-speed ventilation mode2. excluding UV lamp3. With 230 V AC supply voltage4. Measured on a 30 m² semi-anechoic environment at a distance of 3 m
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Frequently asked questions

No, none of the models in the Helty CMV range require a condensate drain

Helty Flow CMV systems replace and filter the air; they are not air conditioners. Under certain outdoor temperature conditions, the CMV can be used to deliver cooler or warmer air and contribute to the air conditioning of an indoor room.

A wall-mounted CMV can be installed quickly and without costly work. Simply drill two 80mm cores on the perimeter wall, prepare the power supply and fix the unit to the wall using screws and dowels.

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Certified quality and performance

The performance of the Helty ventilation systems are recognized by the Casa Clima Quality Seal and have obtained the SIMA and BioSafe validations

  • CasaClima_VMC_Prodotto_Qualita
  • Biosafe.it Certification