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Decentralised HRV for installation in the external insulation. Zero impact on the facade, maximum silence and internal comfort.

VMC  per riqualificazione Helty Flow MANHATTAN
VMC a parete Helty
VMC per riqualificazione edilizia Helty Flow MANHATTAN - disegno tecnico
VMC a parete Helty
VMC per riqualificazione edilizia Helty Flow MANHATTAN - disegno tecnico

The new HRV for building upgrades with exterior insulation

Helty Flow Manhattan revolutionises decentralised mechanical ventilation by offering a completely new installation mode. The dual flow decentralised HRV unit is concealed within the exterior insulation, meaning zero aesthetic. The Ideal solution for building renovation and energy upgrading with envelope insulation.

Ok Patented HRV system
Soluzione invisibile - Design minimal Zero aesthetic impact on the facade
Ventilazione - Portata aria Air flow rate up to 70m³/h
Silenziosa Optimal acoustic comfort

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Helty Flow Manhattan is the innovative HRV solution for energy upgrades that require exterior insulation, offering an optimal balance between air flow and acoustic comfort.

The only HRV hidden within the exterior insulation

Helty’s intense research and development work has allowed us to engineer and patent an innovative solution tailored to the ongoing challenges in the building upgrade market.
A unique combination of reduced thickness and high performance means the Flow Manhattan air treatment unit is hidden “under the skin” of the exterior insulation. The unit can be Installed entirely from the outside on both sides of the window hole and is compatible with all insulation types.

Helty Flow MANHATTAN la VMC che si mimetizza nell'
VMC Helty Flow MANHATTAN - design impatto zero

Zero-impact design

The building’s architectural profile is maintained thanks to low-impact ventilation grilles fitted in the window hole, without any effect on the building facade. The impact on internal space is also close to zero with just one small, minimalist-design wall diffuser for air intake and extraction.

Wellness, comfort and silence

With variable air flow rates up to 70 m³/h, Flow Manhattan meets the air exchange and purification needs of individual rooms, including medium-sized spaces. An F7 filter purifies the air of PM10 and PM2.5 particulate matter, bacteria and pollen. Moisture and pollutants are removed thanks to the “room on room” balanced ventilation. All with an exceptional operating silence that improves comfort in living and working environments. Sound pressure level is 16.5 decibels. The noise reduction of the façade is certified equal at 51 dB.

VMC per riqualificazione edilizia Helty Flow MANHATTAN - design impatto zero

Technical data

Airflow m3/h 25/30/40/50/70 (1)
Airflow adjustment   4 settings + high-speed ventilation
Power consumption (2) W 5 - 34
Supply voltage V AC 230
Operating voltage V DC 24
Max. current consumption (3) A 0.35
HRV unit weight kg 7
Unit dimensions (H x L x P) mm 460 x 740 x 65
Preparatory dimensions (H x L x P) mm 510 x 830 x 80
Heat exchanger   enthalpy cross-flow
Heat recovery efficiency % 70
Sound pressure level (4) dB(A) 16.5/19.5/24.5/31.5/36.5/44.5
Facade noise abatement Dn,e,w dB 51
Filters   F7 / G1
Energy class   A+ / A / E
SEC kWh/m2a -67.7 / -35.4 / -14.3
Filter replacement alert   light on the diffuser
1. In high-speed ventilation mode2. excluding UV lamp3. With 230 V AC supply voltage4. Measured on a 30 m² semi-anechoic environment at a distance of 3 m
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, proper ventilation of all spaces and rooms is essential for removing excess moisture and preventing condensation and mould.

A decentralised dual-flow CMV allows for continuous replacement of extracted stale air with fresh air intake, meaning better results in terms of energy efficiency and purification of incoming air.

CMVs are eligible for the 110% Superbonus deduction if the system is intended to prevent the formation of mould or condensation and the problem is not otherwise preventable. CMVs are also eligible for the incentive when used to replace a winter air conditioning system with an air system and are closely integrated into the original.

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