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Wall-mounted HRV

The Helty wall-mounted HRV are controlled mechanical ventilation units with heat recovery designed to bring fresh and pure air to every room in the house, with special attention to energy efficiency. Ideal for integrating heat recovery ventilation systems into existing buildings without invasive work.

Built-in recessed HRV

Helty built-in recessed HRV systems are suitable for energy renovation projects and high-efficiency new buildings (nZEB) that require advanced controlled mechanical ventilation solutions without compromising on aesthetics and dimensions. The installation of the system in the thickness of the wall simplifies the design phase and offers the possibility of integrating a Heat Recovery Ventilation system in any environment without taking away living space.

Community HRV

Solutions designed for the ventilation of indoor places that require special attention in the continuous exchange and sanitation of the air: meeting rooms, laboratories, kindergartens and school classrooms. HRV for schools and offices camouflaged on furniture or installed on the ceiling, ideal for integrating high-performance systems of renewal and air filtration with heat recovery in existing spaces, simplifying and speeding up the construction of the forced ventilation system.

HRV for redevelopment

In energy efficiency interventions, the correct design of air exchange through Heat Recovery Ventilation plays a crucial role. In increasingly hermetic and sealed buildings, controlled mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery are essential to ensure proper ventilation and healthiness of indoor spaces without affecting the improved efficiency of the building.

Air conditioning with integrated HRV

Current European trends on decarbonisation of buildings and energy retrofitting for existing assets, combined with the new needs that emerged from the Covid pandemic, open up new scenarios for the integration of buildings and HVAC systems. Construction today requires technologies in able to simultaneously meet the needs of thermal comfort and indoor air health.

Certified quality and performance

The performance of the Helty ventilation systems are recognized by the Casa Clima Quality Seal and have obtained the SIMA and BioSafe validations

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  • Biosafe.it Certification

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