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100 HRV in a school in Lugano to ensure pure air and well-being

A recently built Swiss prefabricated high school has chosen the Helty HRV system to manage air circulation in 100 classrooms.

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Innovative HRV solutions for educational institutions: ensuring filtered, fresh air in every classroom

Situated in Lugano, Switzerland, a modern prefabricated school completed within a short span of 6 months has been outfitted with Helty’s cutting-edge dual-flow Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) systems, offering optimal air circulation solutions for its 100 classrooms.

Designed to accommodate more than 2500 students during the overhaul of the former school premises, this state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced technologies and contemporary amenities. Notably, the decentralized HRV system by Helty has been deliberately chosen to ensure proper ventilation. This system guarantees indoor comfort regardless of the season and contributes to energy efficiency by significantly reducing the need for window ventilation.

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Speed, customization, and technical proficiency: the Helty advantage

The selection of Helty’s decentralized HRV solutions aligns seamlessly with the school’s dynamic needs. These solutions not only offer remarkable flexibility but also boast rapid delivery times and the versatility to tailor individual units according to specific requirements. In practice, the decentralized HRV units have been uniquely adapted for various classrooms, seamlessly integrated into false ceilings or creatively combined with lighting fixtures and curtain structures. One of Helty’s standout features is its proactive and bespoke approach to design requests, ensuring meticulous and timely technical support throughout every project phase.

Addressing the decision-making process and tailored solutions, engineer Guido Sampietro comments:

The core requirement of this construction project was swift decision-making and the prompt provision of bespoke solutions. We found Helty’s technical support to be exceedingly prompt and appreciable in devising potential solutions. We were also impressed with the swift availability of the units and the support received during product testing and validation. This encompassed considerations of acoustic performance and air distribution optimization within the classroom environment.

– Eng. Guido Sampietro

Outstanding performance and user-friendly operation for maximum comfort

Incorporating HRV units, namely the Flow800 models, into all 100 classrooms has been a transformative choice. These units deliver robust and versatile performance, capable of managing air flow rates of up to 800 m3/hour. The systems excel in both air filtration and purification, a credit to their F9 filters. They also ensure minimal acoustic disruption, producing only 31 dB at moderate speeds. Additionally, the thermal recovery capabilities are remarkable, boasting 80% efficiency through their enthalpic heat exchangers.

Offering insights into these high-performance units, Area Manager Luca Nisi states,

«We’ve supplied more than 100 Flow800 HRV units to this high school, capable of exchanging 800 cubic meters per hour. With excellent thermal recovery, F9-level filtration ensuring efficient air cleansing, and particularly significant in this project, an impressively low noise profile».

– Luca Nisi, Area Manager Helty

Revitalized aesthetics and functionality: the redesigned Flow800

Flow800 units by Helty, having undergone design and functional enhancements, are available in different configurations. Apart from the standard Steel version, where the HRV unit seamlessly integrates into a visible white-painted steel cover, options include the Silent configuration with an accompanying white wooden cover, or the FlowM800 version that discreetly conceals the ventilation unit within a white cabinet.

Intelligent air filtration and thermal management with Helty HRV solutions

Helty’s Community HRV solutions for educational institutions and office spaces showcase exceptional intelligence by seamlessly integrating with automated management systems using home automation technology. A pertinent example is the Lugano High School project, where the Helty system seamlessly integrates into a Building Automation supervision initiative. This comprehensive approach not only regulates temperature but also dynamically manages air quality. The system ensures that air influx into the classrooms is meticulously controlled based on air quality sensors, thereby preventing energy wastage.

Through an amalgamation of CO2 and VOC sensors, coupled with hygrometric sensors monitoring humidity levels, the Helty HRV units perform exceptionally in diluting indoor pollutants. This automated exchange of indoor air guarantees superior classroom comfort.

The “Free Cooling” feature, operational during nighttime hours, accentuates the HRV units’ utility. This feature enables the cooling of unoccupied spaces by drawing in fresh, filtered outdoor air. For further insights, please refer to our FAQ.

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