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Flow 120/C120

Wall recessed HRV system, with air exchange capacity of up to 120 m3/h. High performance and quiet operation: the ideal solution for medium-sized rooms and open-space environments. Now also available in windows-side version

VMC Helty Flow 120 ambientato
hrv flow120
hrv flow120 wall recessed
hrv flow120 wall recessed windows-side
120H horizontal application
flow c 120 ductable
hrv flow120
hrv flow120 wall recessed
hrv flow120 wall recessed windows-side
120H horizontal application
flow c 120 ductable

The HRV system that's even more compact, even quieter. Now also ductable.

The new wall recessed HRV system, Helty Flow120, represents a significant evolution compared to the previous Flow70/100 models, offering an ideal solution for environments requiring higher air exchange rates. Quiet and efficient, Flow120 is extremely versatile, featuring 4 adjustable airflow speeds, as well as night mode and hyper-ventilation function. Airflow ranges from 15 to 120 m³/h ensuring proper ventilation for modern residential spaces or small offices in the tertiary sector.

Silenziosa 18.5 dB Sound pressure
Recupero calore 88% Heat recovery efficiency
Ventilazione - Portata aria 120m3/h Maximum air flow
Free cooling Automatic Free-cooling function

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Efficient and discreet, the Helty Flow 120 HRV with its recessed wall installation system is the optimal choice to ensure a constant air renewal in medium-sized spaces, contributing to indoor well-being and comfort throughout all seasons.

Recessed HRV ideal for renovations and energy upgrades

Easy to install and aesthetically appealing, the Flow120 HRV is the new recessed wall-mounted ventilation unit that minimizes space requirements with a width of only 16 cm and a height of just 92 cm. The choice between different cover types (paintable sheet metal, white or black plexiglass) allows Flow120 to harmoniously integrate into any environment, from domestic spaces to offices. The capability for recessed wall installation also allows for working with walls as thin as 34.5 cm.

helty flow c120 ingombri
Helty Flow 120 VMC a incasso nel muro

Quiet, attentive to thermal comfort and savings

With a sound power level below 40 dB(A) at working airflow (60 m³/h) the Flow 120 HRV is discrete and harmonious in every context, thanks to the operational silence. The thermal performance is remarkable as well, thanks to the enthalpy heat exchanger that ensures an 88% heat recovery rate. The free-cooling function also contributes significantly to energy efficiency: when external conditions are favorable, the unit contributes to heating or cooling without additional costs, reducing the load on existing air conditioning systems.

Multiple functions available for uncompromised fresh air

The decentralized mechanical ventilation unit, Flow120 Helty, is available in a standard version, equipped with a hygrometric sensor. The Pure version enhances the machine’s capabilities by adding a CO2 + VOC sensor that detects excessive carbon dioxide and airborne pollutants, automatically adjusting the operation of the HRV unit to ensure optimal indoor air quality conditions. Unit control through the Air Guard app, based on home Wi-Fi, also provides convenient accessibility and ease of use. For a horizontal installation, such as under a window frame, there is the Flow120H version, specially designed for this type of application.

Helty Flow120H product
Helty FlowC120 flux

Flow C120: the first ductable Helty HRV

The ductable Flow C120 model offers even greater versatility in HRV system design, enabling the servicing of multiple rooms within the living unit. This version, with ducted supply and exhaust flows of up to 8 meters, allows for separate control of air extraction and supply in the installation areas. For instance, it can extract exhaust air from a bathroom and introduce fresh air into an adjacent bedroom or another room. A smart solution, ideal for three-room apartments, to reduce HRV system implementation costs and manage air exchange in adjacent rooms with a single decentralized ventilation unit.

Flow 120 windows-side

Even more versatile, even more invisible, the new Flow 120 windows-side allows for uncompromising installation, while fully preserving the aesthetics of the façade. The grids positioned on the side of the window become completely invisible, concealed in the window profile.

A perfect solution for all those contexts subject to architectural constraints, ideal both in renovation and in new construction, thanks to the possibility of being managed only in the preparation phase of the work, to be completed later with the insertion of the VMI unit.

Helty Flow120 uscite in luce prodotto

Technical data

Airflow m3/h 15/30/45/60/80/120 (1)
Airflow adjustment   night + 4 stages + hyperventilation
Power consumption W 3/6/9/13/23/55
Supply voltage V AC 230
Operating voltage V DC 24
Max. current consumption (2) A 0.45
HRV unit weight kg 10
Unit dimensions (H x L x P) mm 160 x 920 x 286 (3)
Preparatory dimensions (H x L x P)   190 x 990 x 345 | 390 x 990 x 345 (4)
Heat exchanger   enthalpy with cross-flow countercurrent
Heat recovery efficiency % 88
Sound pressure level (5) dB(A) 18.5/19.5/23.5/28.5/35.5/42.5
Facade noise abatement Dn,e,w dB 45
Filters   F7 / G1
Energy class   A+ / A / E
SEC kWh/m2a -71.6 / -37.6 / -15.5
1. hyperventilation mode2. With 230 V AC supply voltage3. (vertical W x H x D)4. (vertical W x H x D)5. Measured in a 30 m2 semi-anechoic environment at a distance f 3 m
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