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Helty heat recovery ventilation solutions

Helty means innovative decentralised mechanical ventilation solutions with air filtration and heat recovery. Our wide range of easy-to-install products make it simple to design and integrate continuous air exchange and room-to-room purification. For healthier, more comfortable and energy-efficient buildings

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Helty decentralised mechanical ventilation solutions

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Ai Studio analyses Helty’s decentralised Heat Recovery Ventilation system from a technical and economic point of view then compares the results with the two main alternative types of HRVs on the market: central ventilation and autonomous channelled ventilation.


Helty heat recovery ventilation solutions

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Frequently asked questions

The CO2 and VOC sensors measure the concentration of carbon dioxide and volatile organic substances in the indoor environment, allowing the HRV unit to automatically adjust the air flow rate to allow the parameters to fall within preset limits.

The hygrometric sensors in Helty’s HRV systems are designed to monitor indoor humidity, allowing the machine to automatically adjust the airflow rate in each individual room.

HRV Helty models equipped with Modbus protocol allow simultaneous remote management of several units via home automation systems. It is otherwise possible to manage the machines via a special App, with a home Wi-Fi network.

Helty HRV solutions can be installed underneath an air conditioner without any problems, the important thing is to respect the minimum distances indicated in the installation manual.

Replacing indoor air with fresh air from outdoors that is continuously filtered and cleaned eliminates the problems associated with stale air, prevents the onset of mould and reduces the risk of exposure to dangerous indoor pollutants.

Natural ventilation through manual window opening is impractical, difficult to manage and energy-consuming. A mechanical ventilation system allows you to fully automate stale air removal and fresh air intake, delivering continuous indoor air purification and greater energy efficiency.

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Certified quality and performance

The performance of the Helty ventilation systems are recognized by the Casa Clima Quality Seal and have obtained the SIMA and BioSafe validations

  • CasaClima_VMC_Prodotto_Qualita
  • Biosafe.it Certification

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