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The Helty Flow recessed systems with heat recovery ventilation renews and purifies domestic air, eliminates humidity and prevents the formation of mould.

Flow 40 disappears completely in the wall, leaving only the elegant cover visible and fits perfectly in any space. Ideal solution for professionals in the plumbing, thermo-technical sector and construction companies specialised in restorations.

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Technical description

Compact and functional, Helty Flow 40 offers all the benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation system while also reducing the aesthetic impact to a minimum and without incurring costs for ducting or false-ceiling.
In the restoration/renovation sector, it is ideal especially for bedrooms, kitchens and rooms up to 30 sqm.

Automatic air renewal system with continuous heat recovery of up to 91%.
2-year warranty, tested at TÜV SÜD according to EN 13141-8 standard.

  • F7/G4+G2 Pollen filter: filters up to 90% of 0.4 µm particles six times thinner than PM2.5. The replacement signal alerts you when the filter needs to be changed.
  • Night function for maximum silence
  • Hyperventilation function
  • Electronic Free Cooling function
  • Hygrometric sensor: allows optimal control of the humidity level in the home
  • Façade acoustic insulation: certified up to Dn,e,w = 54 dB

The Plus version is available in the Flow 40 Pure model

– CO2 sensor
– VOC sensor
– Helty Air App

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Power and control at the highest level: Helty Flow 100 meet the needs of air renewal and optimal hygrometric comfort in large spaces up to 100 square meters. Also available in Pure version with air quality sensors and App.


Efficient and quiet, Helty Flow 70 is ideal for medium-sized rooms and can handle an air renewal of up to 70 cubic meters per hour. Also available in Pure version with air quality sensors and App.

Flow Flow ELITE

Perfect for spacious rooms such as the living room and open-space areas, Helty Flow Elite guarantees top performance and smart air exchange management, thanks to its integrated hygrometric, CO2 and VOC sensors. Dimmable designer LED lighting illuminates spaces with elegance and discretion.

Flow Flow PLUS

The forced ventilation system for bedrooms and kitchens, with maximum filtration for the health of the whole family. Free Cooling function for natural temperature reduction, a hygrometric sensor that automatically adjusts the humidity level in the home and an app to manage everything from a smartphone or tablet.

Flow Flow EASY

The ideal solution for small bedrooms and kitchens. It combines high performance, easy installation and maximum customisation, also in a colour-matching version. Hyperventilation and remote-control function, to control air quality at all times.

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