Built-in HRV - Helty

Built-in HRV

Invisible ventilation, tangible well-being


The new range of Helty Flow built-in models is dedicated to professionals who need a controlled heat recovery ventilation solution without compromising on aesthetics, size and functionality. With six distinct configurations, the Flow systems that can be recessed on the walls brilliantly overcome the challenge of combining rigorous air replacement and purification with zero footprint.

Decentralised built-in ventilation systems designed and built by Helty are based on a complete element already perfectly insulated at thermo-acoustic level owing to the special EPS arrangement.



The intelligent alternative to energy restructuring and redevelopment

These systems are the ideal solution for residential or commercial-directional spaces subjected to renovation works or to energy upgrading operations.
These are also perfect for managing air recirculation and guaranteeing healthy air in new buildings, while reducing design and implementation costs associated with traditional centralised systems.

No ducts, perfect integration

As in the plug&play HRV systems, the Helty Flow range allows installation of the ventilation units in the rooms without resorting to piping work or false ceilings. Moreover, this factor presents an added advantage of having total control over air replacement and humidity regulation in every room.

The intelligent core of Helty HRV – the cross-counter flow enthalpy heat exchanger – dematerialises and disappears inside the masonry. When installed flush with the wall, only the metal design cover with synoptic control panel is visible.

Are you a professional plumber, a heating technician or a renovation specialist?
We offer different solutions for diverse volumes of air flow, active monitoring of indoor air quality using sensors and smart control via App both at home and remotely.




Flow 40 is a precise wall-embedded HRV system manufactured in line with the Helty philosophy. Ideal for rooms of up to 30 square meters. Also available in Pure version with air quality sensors and App.


Efficient and quiet, Helty Flow 70 is ideal for medium-sized rooms and can handle an air renewal of up to 70 cubic meters per hour. Also available in Pure version with air quality sensors and App.


Power and control at the highest level: Helty Flow 100 meet the needs of air renewal and optimal hygrometric comfort in large spaces up to 100 square meters. Also available in Pure version with air quality sensors and App.