Flow Flow EASY


Luke’s house was infested with mould, a symptom of an unhealthy and humid environment. With Helty Flow Easy, chemicals are forgotten and the mould has disappeared forever.

muffa cosa è e come eliminarla

Luke lives with his family in a house that often has problems with humidity and mould. In the past, he spent a lot of time treating the walls with anti-mildew products, but the infiltration reappeared regularly. Mould is a symptom of an unhealthy house with excessive moisture. The air you breathe is therefore full of spores and excess humidity, being dangerous to your health.

qualità aria in casa

Thanks to Helty Flow Easy’s heat recovery ventilation, the house now has the right degree of humidity and there is no more mould. Luke no longer needs to use chemical treatments. Finally, he and his family live in a healthy home, with clean and filtered air at all times.

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