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Flow Flow EASY


Linda suffered from allergic rhinitis and showed symptoms also in her home. For her, Elisa has chosen Helty Flow Easy. Now there is always clean air at home, with allergens and pollutants filtered out, meaning the baby is healthy and happy.

Elisa, Mattia and Linda have recently moved into their new home and are very happy. Elisa loves to cook, especially desserts, and spends a lot of time at home with her daughter. Linda suffers from allergic rhinitis and air quality is very important for her health. Ever since Helty Flow Easy was installed, everyone breathes better, especially the little girl.

come sanificare l'aria di casa

Ore 9 Linda loves to wake up late and to play under the blankets, hiding from her mother. Thanks to Helty Flow Easy, the room is filled with clean air even at night, meaning Linda wakes up rested and cheerful.


Ore 16 It is now time for fun! Linda has her friends over and they are playing in her bedroom. Their favourite game is to bake cakes in the miniature kitchen, just like mum, and have a tea party with the dolls. Thanks to Helty Flow Easy, it is not necessary to open the windows to let in fresh air, hence Linda does not have to breathe in the pollen and pollutants from outside.


Ore 21 It is time to go to bed. Elisa reads a story to Linda, who closes her eyes and falls asleep. She can rest quietly all night, without waking up. Helty Flow Easy in night function is quiet and discreet, changing and purifying the air in the bedroom without disturbances.

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