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Wall-mounted HRV system with air exchange of up to 70 m³/hour. Silent and efficient, Flow 70 is ideal for medium-sized rooms and open-plan spaces.

Sistema VMC a incasso Helty Flow 70
Helty Flow70-100 prodotto
Helty Flow70-100 tecnico
Helty Flow70-100 prodotto
Helty Flow70-100 tecnico

High-performance and silent recessed ventilation

System designed to create a concealed ventilation system with dual continuous flow technology that offers an air flow rate of up to 70 m³/hour.Complete wall integrated solution without technical compartments or air ducts. Ideal for ensuring optimal indoor well-being and acoustic comfort when upgrading residential and smaller tertiary environments for better energy efficiency and overall health.

Soluzione invisibile - Design minimal The invisible solution!
Recupero calore 90% Heat recovery
Polveri sottili PM2.5 fine particulate filter
Free cooling Automatic Free cooling with by-pass

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Silent and efficient, Helty Flow 70 HRV is ideal for managing continuous air exchange even in single medium-sized environments and improving health and comfort, whatever the season.

Recessed HRV ideal for renovations and energy upgrades

The Flow70 HRV system allows integration of a controlled mechanical ventilation system with advanced heat recovery and air filtration during renovation or into new builds where there is no space for air ducts, ceiling lowering or technical rooms.Flow70 is fully concealed, leaving only the elegant cover visible. The cover, available in metallic or in white or black plexiglass, adapts to any space.

Sistema VMC Helty Flow 70 per riqualificazioni energetiche
Aria fresca e sana in casa con la VMC Helty Flow 70

Fresh and healthy air without wasting energy

Variable flow ventilation lets you optimise air exchange based on the needs of each individual environment. The Helty Flow70’s cross-flow enthalpy heat recovery system recovers up to 90% of thermal energy by transferring it from the extracted air to the intake air. Free-cooling operation is another important factor in energy efficiency and can be managed automatically with the heat exchanger by-pass. When the outside conditions are right, the unit contributes to heating or cooling at no extra cost by relieving the load on the existing air conditioning systems.

Silent HRV system with advanced acoustics

Silent operation and insulation from external noise are essential considerations when selecting a concealed ventilation system. Helty Flow70 offers quiet running and advanced sound insulation. The special EPS housing is designed and built to ensure a certified facade noise reduction of 54dB.

Controllo di umidità, Co2 e inquinanti co la VMC Helty Flow 70

An ally against moisture, CO2 and pollutants

Humidity has a strong influence on the feeling of well-being and livability at home, and Helty Flow70 is fitted with an integrated sensor to detect humidity levels.A CO2 and VOC sensor (available in the Flow70 Pure model) warns of excess carbon dioxide and pollutants in the air, intelligently and automatically adjusting the operation of each HRV to ensure optimal indoor air quality.

Technical data

Airflow m3/h 20/40/55/70/85 (1)
Airflow adjustment   4 settings + high-speed ventilation
Power consumption (2) W 5.8 - 35
Supply voltage V AC 230
Operating voltage V DC 24
Max. current consumption (3) A 0.25
HRV unit weight kg 10
Unit dimensions (H x L x P) mm 186 x 920 x 340
Preparatory dimensions (H x L x P)   340 x 1277 x 523
Heat exchanger   enthalpy cross-counter flow
Heat recovery efficiency % 90
Sound pressure level (4) dB(A) 24.3/28.1/31.8/35.2
Facade noise abatement Dn,e,w dB 54
Filters   F7 / G4
Energy class   A+ / A / E
SEC kWh/m2a -74.98 / -38.72 / -15.32
Filter replacement alert   indicator on unit + App
1. In high-speed ventilation mode2. excluding UV lamp3. With 230 V AC supply voltage4. Measured on a 30 m² semi-anechoic environment at a distance of 3 m
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